SUMMARY of Shakespeare in love.

Romantic comedy set in London in the late 16th century: Young playwright William Shakespeare struggles with his latest work "Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter". A great fan of Shakespeare's plays is young, wealthy Viola who is about to be married to the cold-hearted Lord Wessex, but constantly dreams of becoming an actress. Women were not allowed to act on stage at that time (female roles were played by men, too), but dressed up as a boy, Viola successfully auditions for the part of Romeo. Soon she and William are caught in a forbidden romance that provides rich inspiration for his play.


USA Elections 2008

Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton - Elections 2008

1. About the elections

At the moment, Obama wins in 13 states whereas Hillary Clinton wins in 8. But nothing is determined because they continue fighting to become the candidate for the presidency of the USA. The winner will be chosen officially the 4 of May, the day of the votings.
Obama is the favourite now because most of the population is Afro-American, but also he has gained his fame through students and people of his ideology. If he won, he would be the first black-men in the history of the presidency of the USA.
I think that he is a very good politician.
Curiosity - Obama is the more protecting candidate due to his ideology.

2. My opinion

In my opinion, Obama have to win. I think that because I like his type of policy and he's a good change for the nation.

3. Some of Obama sentences from the video:

1. It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation. Yes, we can.
2. It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom. Yes, we can.
3. Yes, we can to opportunity and prosperity.
4. Yes, we can repair this world.
5. But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.
6. We are one people, we are one nation. And together, we will begin the next great chapter in the American story.

Yes, we, can.




'Twelve bars of bread'.

A man arrives at a store and he says to the employee:
-I want a bread bar and, if you has eggs, give me twelve, please.
The man went at home with twelve bars of bread...
'The sand grains'.

There are two sand grains that go to the desert...
and one says to the other:
-Shhhhhhhhhhhhht...! I think that someone is following us!
'One mother with her son'.

-Mum, mum, my classmates call me interested!
-And who says it, son?
-If you give me 5€ I'll say it.

Mum and son.mp3


Second term

1. Talk about the past - Rafel & Júlia.

J – Have you got some CD’s, Rafel? Can I have a look?
R – If you like, yes.
J – Where did you take them?
R – Oh, this is one of my favourites CD’s, I like it so much.
J – Oh, I like it too! What’s the name of the singer?
R – He’s call Bernie. It’s a good singer.
J – Where did you buy the CD?
R – At the shopping centre of the town. Is near here.
J – Oh, I know it. Have you got anymore?

Talk about the pas...

2. Suggestions - Rafel & Júlia.

R – Hi Júlia, what are you doing?
J – Hi Rafel. I’m training for a race event. I’m going to row 2km on Sunday. Why don’t you try it?
No, I’m not interesting into rowing. But I like the idea of doing a competition. What else could I do?
J – How about running? Or cycling?
R – I’m allergic to exercise. I’m not fit enough.
J – Well, you could always try swimming.
R – You’re joking! I’m scared at water.
J – Rafel, why don’t you just sponsor and I’ll help you.
R – O.K. It’s a deal!


3. Making an appointment - Rafel & Júlia.

(Rafel is the dentist).

R – Hello. You’re phoning at the ‘Family Dental’! How can I help you?
J – Hello. I’d like to make an appointment for the revision.
R – Yes, that’s no problem. Is Friday O.K. for you? At 6 o’clock?
J – Yes, that’s fine.
R – And you name is…?
J – Júlia Olivé.
R – Júlia Olivé. O.K. Júlia. Well, see you on Friday at 6 o’clock.
J – O.K. Thanks. See you soon.

Making an appointm...

Third term

4. Describing an object - Rafel & Júlia.

(I'm the secretary).

R – Excuse me, I’ve lost a sweater. Has anyone handed one in?
J – A sweater? What sort of sweater? What does it look like?
R – It has a hood and pockets. It’s black and white.
J – A black and white sweater with a hood and pockets. Hold on a minute. I’ll go and have a look.
R – OK, thanks.
J – No, sorry. I’m afraid we haven’t got anything like that. Where did you last have it?
R – I think I left it in the room of games.
J – What was in it? Were there any valuables in the pockets?
R – Well, there were 40€, and the house keys.
J – OK. Well, leave your name and number and I’ll contact you if it turns up.

Describing an obje...

5. Invitations and excuses - Rafel & Júlia.

J – Hey look, Rafel. That band is playing again this weekend.
R – Yeah? Where's he playing?
J – At the sports centre of the town.
R – Right. I'm definitely going to that. Would you like to go with me?
J – I'd love to, but I'm afraid I can't. My parents wouldn't be very happy about it.
R – Go on! They wouldn't mind.
J – No, sorry. I'm supposed to be going out with them that night anyway.
R – That's a shame. Oh well, do you fancy going out another night?
J – I'll think about it, OK? Thanks for all.

6. Asking about rules - Rafel & Júlia

R – Excuse me.
J – Yes?
R – I'm afraid you can't park your car there.
J – Oh right, sorry. Where am I allowed to park?
R – You can park at Shameles Street, is near here.
J – I just wanted to go into this shop for a moment.
R – Sorry, but you'll have to park somewhere else.
J – OK... Well, is there anywhere near here?
R – Yes, you could park at Harry's Station.
J – Thanks for your help.

7. Giving news - Rafel & Júlia

J – Rafel, Rafel! Look at this! I can't believe it!
R – Tell me! What can't you believe?
J – They've chosen me for the job!
R – Hey! Well done! That's great news. What job did you get?
J – The job of pharmacy assistant.
R – No! Really? That's incredible! How did you do that?
J – I don't know! I'm very happy.
R – So are you going to celebrate?
J – Yes. I'll make a big party with all my friends and you, of course.





An unexpected accident.

There was a dramatic scene yesterday at the Wormwood Street of London. Four people were trapped thirty minutes when his car fell down in a ditch which was at the centre of the street.
The incident took place at ten o'clock in the night. The driver of the car didn't see the ditch and it got inside. As soon as workers saw the fact, they called the rescue team of the town.
At first, the passengers of the car were very scared. Then the policemen and the technical personnel arrived, and as the rescue started, the frightened occupants became calmer.
After one hour, all of the passengers were extracted of the car. Finally, one of them broke an arm, but he said that the fright was much worse.



I was born in Girona in 1992. When I was young, we didn't live in a different house; all my life I've lived in the same place.
My earliest memory isn't very clear, but I remember it a bit. I was on holiday in the camping of my uncles with my older cousins and I was swimming in the new swimming pool with other children. I also remember my first day at P-4 in Casa Nostra School. I think my teacher's namr was Mrs. Dolors, and I was very nervous when I appeared.
I've been at The Patufets School for three years. I've changed when I was three years old. I think my hair has changed a bit of colour, but not much. When I finish secondary school, I'll probably study bachelor of Science but I don't know yet. Before I'm old I really want to go to the French Polynesia.



78 Remei Street
17820 Banyoles
19th December 2007

The Community Fund
16 Suffolk Street

Dear Sir o Madam,

I am writing to enquire about lottery funds for a project in our town.
Banyoles is a small city in the north-west of Spain. There are a lot of interesting places in and arround the city, but there aren't any activities for young people. For that reason, we would like to build a theatre here. This theatre could provide a lot of activities, for example it could provide concerts, films and meetings for the people of Banyoles.
I would be grateful if you could send me information about the lottery grants. If you have any questions about our project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Júlia Olivé

Júlia Olivé
Comittee of Banyoles



Simple Plan's band.

Simple Plan was formed in Canada in 1999 but his complete formation was in 2000. The original members are Pierre Bouvier (vocals), David Desrosiers (bass guitar), Sébastien Lefebvre (guitar), Jeff Stinco (guitar) and Chuck Comeau (drums). The five-piece initially came together when Comeau and Bouvier founded Reset at age 13 (one old band of music). All of the group’s members write songs.
Simple Plan’s first album was released by ‘Lava Records’ company in 2002. Their second album, Still not getting any…, became their first bestseller in 2004. Since then, their albums have all been always hits at some moment.Simple Plan play both pop, rock and punk music. Some of their best-known songs are Shut up!, I’d do anything and When I’m gone. The band has won a lot of prizes for their music and videos. In 2003 the group took home a MuchMusic Video Award for People’s Choice Favourite Canadian Group, an important prize for them.




Technologies have changed the world in the last 20 years. Before the Internet was invented, searching information about a specific topic used to be more difficult. Working without Internet would be more difficult and people would have to write his projects on hand. Now, we can communicate a lot of things through this communication channel. But, sometimes, it can be very slow. All in all, I think that Internet is the best invention, because it’s very useful and in the future it will be more developed.


I've had a problem recently. My friend Laura met a guy a month ago and he asked her out. They've met a lot of times a few days ago and I thought that everything was O.K. until they had a big argument. She stays sad and I don't know how can I help her. She doesn't talkd about it and she doesn't introduce me her boyfriend so I don't know how he is. I'm worried.
I think that my friend will be better if she met him and talks about the argument. I can't do a lot for them because I think that I shouldn't interfere. But maybe I can try to talk with Laura and help her.
I'd really like some advice because if I don't do something soon, they will probably finish their relationship.